DogeCoin TestNet Faucet

Limitation ?

On every claim you will receive 100 Dogecoin.

When you have finish your test please send back coin to : nnBKn39onxAuS1cr6KuLAoV2SdfFh1dpsR

Why ?

To help people to test and develop system use dogecoin crypto currrency.

General faucet info

Current ammount available : 542 130 Doge

It seems some people has fun emptying this faucet, it's testnet faucet this coins have no value.

Please send back coin to faucet address

We will add some security on this faucet to limit this kind of activity.

To help this service running you can send real doge to this address : DCoGFXrxVJx5aj8S8bzVKF6nKBQnRgkSqf