DogeCoin TestNet Faucet

Limitation ?

On every claim you will receive 100 Dogecoin.

Now you are limited to 5 request by hours

Why ?

To help people to test and develop system use dogecoin crypto currrency.

General faucet info

Current ammount available : [ERROR] Doge

When you have finish your test please send back coin to : nnBKn39onxAuS1cr6KuLAoV2SdfFh1dpsR


Happy new year !

I see some of you fill the faucet

I love you guys and I'am very hapy to see the faucet used

I wish you an happy new year, let's go to the moon for 2019

Jan 02, 2019 1:29am

To help this service running you can send real doge to this address : DCoGFXrxVJx5aj8S8bzVKF6nKBQnRgkSqf